Professor Ofra KoratProfessor Ofra Korat is Head of the Child Development Program of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University.  She received her PhD degree from the Tel-Aviv University and completed post-doctoral studies in the School of Education at New York University.  Her research focuses on early literacy experiences in the school and family, with special attention to the role of social interactions with educators and parents in facilitating literacy development. In recent years, her studies focus on technology as a support for literacy development of young children, especially children from low income families.

Research Areas
1. Family context and child’s development
(Home environment, parental beliefs, parent-child interaction etc.)
2. Emergent literacy
3. Computers and early literacy development

Contact info
Tel.: +972 3 531 7964
Mobile: +972 54 459 6263

פרופ’ עפרה קורת, בית הספר לחינוך, אונ’ בר-אילן